Field Inspections & Drone Imaging

Field Inspections
& Drone Imaging

Wouldn’t it be great to have a set of eyes,
hands and feet to help you check or verify almost anything you want?
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Types of Inspections

Viewing Properties Just Got Easier!
What if you need to verify property damage, property services performed, or other types of verification? I would like to be your Central Kentucky solution for such inspections. You'll be provided on-site data via photos, videos, measurements, and answering any questions proprietary to your inspection.

While not replacing the need for technical, in-depth appraisals or inspections, I can be an extension of your hands, eyes, ears and feet.

We offer a comprehensive range of Equipment & Vehicle inspection services, including:

- Automobile Damage Verification
- Automobile Purchase Inspections
- Construction Equipment Inspections

My inspection services are designed to meet the needs of insurance companies, banks and leasing agencies that require accurate and reliable information about the vehicles they finance, insure or lease. These inspections are performed to industry standards and practices to ensure competent and consistent reports, and most often include detailed reports, and images and/or videos.

One caveat: My inspections may not replace the need for technical in-depth appraisals or inspections; However, when you need general inspections or verifications, I can provide your company with fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

My Business Verification Services is an ideal solution for banks, automotive and equipment floor plan providers and leasing companies. I help assess the legitimacy, conformity and reliability of potential clients, by confirming their identity, location, and business operations.

Whether you need to verify a new client, monitor an existing one, I have the solution for you.

For Business owners and managers, I can help you evaluate the client experience via a mystery shopper. This service goes beyond the information captured through Google and Yelp reviews, which is often jaded due to individual expectations and emotions, rather than the objective quality of products or services. Additionally, client satisfaction is not necessarily indicative of adherence to company protocol.

Doesn't it make sense to include a Mystery Shopper as part of your quality control measures?

Drone inspections capture high-resolution images and videos of roofs, solar panels, chimneys, building facades, and more.
- Save time & money by reducing the need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.
- Improve safety by avoiding the risks of working at heights or in hazardous areas.
- Enhance the accuracy and quality by capturing detailed and comprehensive data from multiple angles and perspectives.
- Increase efficiency and productivity by enabling faster and easier data analysis and reporting.

Rest assured, I'm 107-licensed and insured.

Do you wish there was a way to streamline the appraisal process? Look no further! My Property Inspection Service is the solution. I will handle the property inspections so you can focus on proprietary tasks, not on travel and inspections.  Here's what is included in your reports:

- Interior and Exterior Photos
- Floor Plan
- Drone Shots
- Property Details
- General Condition of Property

Your detailed reports and visual assets make appraisals easier than ever before. Schedule today!

Map of Coverage Area

Primary Coverage Area

- By County
For inspections outside of the Primary Coverage Area, contact via phone, text or online form.

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