Attn. Legal Virtuosos!

Say "Goodbye" to Notary Runs.
Say "Hello" to Efficiency, Billable Hours and Happy Clients!

Efficiency Elixir

Are you tired of running around to get documents notarized? Say goodbye to those wild-goose chases and hello to my Mobile Notary Services! I'm your time-saving sidekick.  Leave the mundane tasks to me, so you can focus on building your business.

I won't leave you hanging.
I Won't Leave You Hanging.

Wave goodbye to long trips and endless queues! My Mobile Notary Service swoops in to save the day. Need a notarization at the courthouse? I'll be at your service!  Client's office? I'm there! Even during a deposition, I’ll have your back!

Convenience = Delighted Clientelle

Forget about playing the scheduling Olympics or embarking on a never-ending quest for notary hotspots! I'm like a mythical unicorn notary, ready to pop up wherever your clients may roam.  That's a delightful experience for You, and Your clients.

David Gaither, Notary Public & Signing Agent
464 Lakeshore Drive, Lexington, KY  40502
Ph: 859.333.2376         Fax: 859.423.2180

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