A Glimpse

into what working with me might look like...

Native Lexingtonian

I have an innate understanding of Central Kentucky’s quirks and charms. With a solid background in real estate and business management, I know my way around important documents faster than a racehorse on Derby day.

Ok, It's a little boring.

The notary life can sometimes seem dull. However, I like to bring a little lightheartedness to every appointment, so clients feel relaxed and not rushed. Impeccable service is not just my goal but my reputation. I'll sweat the small stuff so you don't have to.

Rabbit, Hat Trick
Efficiency, Not Just a Fancy Word

My OCD motivated me to take efficiency to a whole new level, so I installed a complete mobile office in my Subaru Outback. Now I can tackle immediate document changes or scanbacks. It’s like a magic trick, except with fewer rabbits and more notary seals.

Family Photo
The Ultimate Trust-Building Card... My Family

Against all odds, I managed to convince the most kind-hearted, drop-dead gorgeous woman in the universe to marry me. I'm grateful for my incredible clan, including the fabulous crew of Jordan, Aiden, Dalton, Chloe, and of course, my better half, Dawna. They're the real MVPs here for making me look good by association

I'm grateful to work
with these All-Star Clients:

When You Need a Notary,
I'm Your Guy!

David Gaither, Notary Public & Signing Agent
464 Lakeshore Drive, Lexington, KY  40502
Ph: 859.333.2376         Fax: 859.423.2180
EM: notarylex@gmail.com

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